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Marine Concern was formed shortly after finding this dead seal pup. As associated NGO, Hebridean Partnership submitted the first EC complaint against the UK Authorities, Marine Concern submitted the second. The Scottish governements action and that of its Agencies were despicable. It is our opinion that Scotland's marine protection is little more than a paperwork exercise, hense the need for sites such as this;-


People Power works, but people need to be informed.

One Bullet - Two Lives!


This common seal pup was found by a tour-boat operator on a known seal haul-out, close to a fish farm near Oban. Shooting had been heard in the area a week beforehand, the fish farm is known to shoot seals.


This was probably a case of 'one bullet - two lives'; it has been recorded that pregnant seals and lactating seals are shot indiscriminately. This pup died from emaciation, a long, painful, lonely death.


Marine Concern supporters recovered the body and buried it. Under the old Conservation of Seals Act 1970 there was no requirement to keep records, report the numbers of seals being shot or even to recover the bodies. This Act is still current in England and Wales.


This was the start of the second seal complaint to the European Commission under the Habitats Directive concerning the UK Authorities.


Conditions concerning the shooting of seals in Scotland changed with the introduction of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. seals were still being shot but under licence issued by Marine Scotland. There are no independent checks, no restrictions to seals being shot during the breeding season; so seals like the pup pic. above can now be shot legally.

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Harbour Seals on one of the five component parts of the Lismore Seal Special Area of Conservation.


These seals are afforded 'protection' under the Europen Union Habitats Directive.


Dispite being protected, these seals are subjected varies types of harassment including acoustic deterrents,

by salmon farms.


This is also a 'hot-spot' for porpoise, porpoise are a 'protected species' and acoustic deterrents are known to cause them problems with echo location and hunting. Marine Scotland and Scottish government agencies do little, often nothing to prevent this form of abuse, sound pollution is a major issue at sea for these species.

Spectacular Scenery

Typical west coast vistas. We are an island race, our 'wellbeing' relies upon a range of factors, coastal regions and interaction with wildlife is a vital component. We owe it to our future generations to look after this environment. It is not ours, we are simply the gardians. Lack of wellbeing has a cost, the NHS is already at breaking point, how much more will be destroyed before we act and protect?

Common sights are sometimes not all that common and becoming more and more rare. Species are becoming extinct and certainly locally extinct. Animals unfortunately to bear the name 'common' are often most in peril.

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